Strategic Priorities

Build Relationships with other organizations to create opportunities for participating in larger, more integrated community projects.
This includes (but is not limited to) Council, District representatives, First Nation Communities, the Museum/Historical Society, the Friendship Centre, the Lions and the Elks One need only look at the new Public Washrooms as well as the Community Bus as examples of these flourishing collaborative relationships.

Focus on key Community-Improvement Projects:

  • Provision of Public Washrooms to support Tourism in Lillooet(this year the Chamber moved them onto municpal property for more effeicient & cost effective maintenance.
  • Development of a Welcome to Lillooet sign to encourage visitors to our community

Support Community Events:

  • July 1 – Canada Day Party
    This is a 1-day event for the whole community that is co-sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the Museum.
  • July 25-27 – Apricot Festival
    This activity-packed weekend for locals and tourists alike is only made possible through the cooperation of many businesses, groups and individual volunteers in Lillooet. The Chamber supports this event in a myriad of ways. Go Lillooet!